Reyden can reliably fulfil tailor made solutions from leading manufacturing and bespoke pre-fabrication to extensive supply of machined components.

The scope comprises manufacturing of finned tubes, bend tube bundles, forged and clad plate and flanges.

Clad Products

We offer cost effective and high performance solutions for clad products including weld overlay or explosive cladding technology. With direct supply of low alloyed steels for the backing and corrosion resistant grades for the cladding, we deliver high quality solutions adopted to aggressive service conditions.

Steel grades for the backing

  • ASTM SA 516 Gr 60-65-70
  • ASTM SA 537 Cl 1-2
  • ASTM SA 204 Gr A-B-C
  • ASTM SA 387 Gr 11-12-22 Cl 1-2
  • ASTM SA 542 Gr D
  • ASTM SA 533 type B-C-E

Corrosion resistant cladding grades

  • 410S
  • 304L, 321, 347
  • 316L, 316LMo
  • 316Ti, 316Nb
  • 317L
  • N08825, N06625, N10276, N06022

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